Download Anime Hero Arena 8.5 NEW!!!

Two teams of your fav anime chars face off in an all-out Deathmatch! ----- Unlock the 3 battle champions as you gain strength Buy helpfull items or save money for an extra hero! ---Have Fun!=)
Players: 2 to 12
Type: Other
Downloads: 57209

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Comment by qingtian - April 24, 2014
Comment by thor - April 24, 2014
whats wrong with you people would all of you just stop trash talking your way to air headed
Comment by lag - April 24, 2014

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Comment by xd617550 - April 24, 2014
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Comment by Louis Vuitton Utah Leather bag - April 24, 2014
Grabe naman kayo mga Pinoy.., You are ruining the Name of our Country.., Pouro kayo mura... Ganyan ba mga Magulang nyo ?
Comment by Dyllan - April 24, 2014
Sa lahat ng mga Pinoy.. TUMAHiMIK KAYO!!!! wala kayong maitutulong sa mga tao kung magmumura kayo
Comment by KYlejaafn - April 24, 2014
tae ka yo lahat bobo pa wala kayong kwenta konichiwa are kuno imo loplop
Comment by tae ka ba - April 24, 2014
tang ina nyo ang ingay nyo eto kayo oohhh double fuck u ,,/,, ,,,/,,
Comment by fuck u all - April 24, 2014
mga weak fuck sick
Comment by tHOMASJASON - April 24, 2014
mga boboo ba lahat ng tao dito???
Comment by jp taz - April 24, 2014
vovo trash talk kayo lahat maga bakalang d Filipino
Comment by !ch!60 - April 24, 2014
Get a life people, stop FLAMING if you know what I mean, stupid Filipinos
Comment by Critique - April 24, 2014
Gosh! you people are fond of trash talking, get a life people, you're just playing a game don't take things very seriously, most of you here are so unprofessional, you're just showing how dumb some Filipinos are >.
Comment by Critique - April 24, 2014
were ca i put this
Comment by ripper - April 24, 2014
mga potang ina nyu mga bumbay!
Comment by awtsuuu - April 24, 2014
again and again tanga kayo lahat
Comment by again - April 24, 2014
ang weak nyu naman! kahit mag tulongan pa kayung lahat laban sakin ! hiinding hindi kayu manalo
Comment by King Of DOta - April 24, 2014
puta mga bakla
Comment by jocker - April 24, 2014
Comment by as - April 24, 2014
Comment by asdasd - April 24, 2014
wah wag mayabang.........
Comment by ralph - April 24, 2014
ikaw ang weak chever chubachu ka kc bka ma isplakatengtengs kita dyah ih...uwi..
Comment by dx - April 24, 2014
Comment by adasd - April 24, 2014
Putang Inang Nyong Lahat Mga Weak :)
Comment by Tanga Mo Talga !! - April 24, 2014
pikachu is da bomb he is the best...:)
Comment by i praise - April 24, 2014
asdasdasdasdasd fuck you
Comment by sdasd - April 24, 2014
sa mga adict bobo tanga walang pinagaralan walang hiya korny homo , buhay pa rin kayo? ha?
Comment by en - April 24, 2014
awaawwawwwawawwaawawang agogaog
Comment by awa - April 24, 2014
mga putang ina nyo umuwi kau sa mga bahay nyo mga sira ulo kaung mga mag dodota
Comment by eric - April 24, 2014
Comment by NERO ESTRELLA - April 24, 2014
Diko alam na weak naman pala ang mga cheaters
kaya wag nabng umasa weak
Comment by robinjay - April 24, 2014
Mga Weak Ang Usa sa cheat na Lagi namang patay sali daw clan ha
Comment by robinjay - April 24, 2014
this website for best dotta alstar download the new map 2011 2010 2009
Comment by mhemek - April 24, 2014
meron na ba 6.71 a1 HEEEEEEEEEEEEe
Comment by cristine - April 24, 2014
mga tarantado,,, pukinang ina nyu puro inaamag na mga files nyu,, parang utak ng may ari ng site na to,,,,
Comment by xVx - April 24, 2014
Comment by aria - April 24, 2014
mga tanga mga salita nio mga bobo hindi nag aaral!!magsalita nga kau ng matino mga bobo tanga
Comment by mga tanga - April 24, 2014
ybng mu kua ..
Comment by dante - April 24, 2014
Chizu o arigatō..
antaga chizu sukai desu..
Comment by Shin - April 24, 2014
Mga ban ban, puro kayo utak ipis, labanan nyo ako sa DOTA, siguradong mapupunta kayo sa hukay
Comment by Uchiha Gabriel - April 24, 2014
ang kornie nyu aman..!!
mag lalaro nua nga lng keo
dmi nyu reclamo.!!
Comment by dark.side - April 24, 2014
ANG NoOb nio
Comment by aries - April 24, 2014
GREAT! imba
Comment by sivixpapa - April 24, 2014
Ula la la Verry good :P

Add Msn galera!!
Comment by Arkanjo - April 24, 2014
puhhhh..... best gak
Comment by madi - April 24, 2014
yeah man this map is like a jherk yeah you now it this is encrible maps .like awesome you now jamssssssssssssssssssss!!!! let rock and ROlll!!
Comment by kevin - April 24, 2014
This map is so easy for me
Comment by Sora - April 24, 2014
i won in this map
Comment by laven - April 24, 2014
Comment by angelo - April 24, 2014
but men noob
Comment by shit - April 24, 2014
Comment by achai - April 24, 2014
biasa saja tuh petanya
Comment by warlock - April 24, 2014
Comment by JL - April 24, 2014
Comment by yusro usro - April 24, 2014
Comment by rensz - April 24, 2014
Comment by misterxxxx - April 24, 2014
dota all tak star
Comment by erin - April 24, 2014
dota all tak star
Comment by erin - April 24, 2014
Comment by janko - April 24, 2014
sira ulo pala kau ehh..

mga gaguu..

la kwenta 2ng website n2

walng foc..

vovo nyo naman..
Comment by hjihihi - April 24, 2014
Lol it gets addicting but still quite poorly done
Never got the time to kill exodia
He's stupidily strong ~.~ zz 510k dmg
You wan us to die arh?

Then again.. after i beat him.. I can't find the "authors" favorite boss?? o.O?? Eh.. wtf
Be more clear man
Comment by Daniel - April 24, 2014
DIS IS A CB GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!DON DOWNLOAD ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by N3x - April 24, 2014

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